Sunday, August 27, 2006
  Post-War Analysis
The IDF bombed a Hizballah bunker today, 2 sq KM in size, located 400 M from the border.
Talkbackers are raising all hell against Israeli intelligence being un-prepared.

Gideon Levy wrote an article on, describing how the IDF has deteriorated from a strong defence force, into the occupation army. He blaims an entire generation, "The Candle Kids" of post PM Rabin's assasination of being a bunch of whiners.

And I say, Mr Levy, the people is being regulated to maintain a satus quo.
It is impossible for a nation as a whole to develop a rebelious mindframe against its government,
unless in cases of great extremity.

Recent action in Lebanon is one:
Photo Essay of the bombing
(The war, through the lens of an award-winning photographer= photogenic, sexy truth, destruction)

Katiusha missiles on the center of Haifa's Mt. Carmel is two:
(The war, through the lens of a civilian's digital camera= not sexy, very mundane,
un-glorified bullet holes)

Recent bunker dig near the border is three:
Click to watch the video clip

The public discourse in Israel is a daily, on-going grind. In times of war there are no programs but news. It is a state of constant news. It has become easy for our generation to switch a channel and try to maintain the appearance of normality, because we are tired.

We are tired of war, so we believed for the past six years that in deed there was a peace.
Or at least, anything for the prospect of peace.

We have now learned that this is not possible. We protest.

Link to Mr Levy's article here:

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