Thursday, August 24, 2006
  Blog Post: Spun Reality
My friend K. is an American. She spent the better part of her 20's and early 30's in NYC.
And much like many people of her age and residence, she is also a life-long student and a democrat.

My friend K. told me last night, about 9/11: how it changed reality in the eyes of New Yorkers,
and Americans. The world became a scary place for them.

Not because of the Terrorist Threat Per-Se, the Terrorist threat is presented in news-media as something to be erradicated. Terrorists are presented as an infestation.

My friend K. is afraid, and the reason is she feels, her government - elected officials - is not able to provide her with any kind of protection nor does it aim to. The feeling of helplessness against that is overwhelming.

Recent war events on the Lebanese-Israeli border reflect an inclination to do the same on the Israeli side. It may be easy to divide and conquer, wag the dog when being remote from the battle ground. It becomes immediately transparent when the government SITS ON the battle ground.

Recent voices in Israeli news-media are re-examining PM Olmert's "take" on the war and asking: DO we really know this person? Can we trust him to lead us?

After decades of generals as politicians, he will be remembered as the first statesman that took us to war.
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