Wednesday, August 30, 2006
  bimboim's trip to the western wall

bimboim's trip to the western wall

a mornography film

Video Description

A touching short by Mornograpy, "Bimboim's trip to the Western Wall" is a mixed-media animation film set to a score of original music, though originally presented at the Jewish Community Center in New York City as a silent film followed by a live Klezmer orchestra.
Bimboim's Trip to the Western Wall has screened in New York, and film festivals in New Jersey, Belgium, and Israel. The short was made in loving memory of the Israeli Bedouins who died at the tunnel bombing at the Philadelfi Corridor in December 2004.
after effects animation and editing- Rene Avalos, Flash animation and photography-Mor Erlich, Music before bus explosion- Lee Bams Frisari,Music after bus explosion- Tomer Tzur

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This video is awesome!


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